SG100 Hackathon

Indefatigable zeal

Enervating and distressful are probably the most felicitous phrases to delineate how we felt after the arduous three-days hackathon in a stuffy and ovenlike hall. The sleep deprivations we endured and the unhealthy meals we had for the past few days were rewarded by invaluable experience we gained through this process. Albeit it may be our maiden hackathon for most of us, we still put in our 101% in every single task that we did.

What did we build?

We built a Facebook Messenger chatbot called ‘Wallet Willy’ that promotes financial literacy in the younger generation. It is able to generate charts that agglomerate our monthly expenditure. Moreover, it is also able to suggest the amount of money you need to save in order to hit your monthly saving target. On top of that, it is also able to provide information regarding the different ways of investing.

My maiden hackathon

We do know that it is a dream of every participant partaking in a competition to receive an accolade and thunderous ovation during the award ceremony. Although, we didn’t make it to the top 3, we did learn umpteen experience in a short period of time. Solving first world’s problems is definitely not an easy-peasy task; nor there is a panacea to solve all of the issues.


Thanks Amit and Matthew for taking care of the business model and painstakingly preparing the PPT for the pitch. Thanks Harpreet for dealing with the technicalities with me! Lastly, i would like to thank our 女强人, Carissa, for overseeing the whole process and for giving me the opportunity to speak, although you obviously know the mediocrity of my public speaking skills. Frankly, I have learned a lot throughout this process. Looking forward to partaking future hackathons with these peeps! Please don’t tell me this is your first and last hackathon!